Vehicle Loan

Used cars, second-hand cars or pre-owned cars have become popular amongst consumers nowadays. This is mainly due to the establishment of several organised used car dealerships across the country. These reliable car dealerships ensure that the second-hand cars are certified and well-maintained. When purchasing a used car from a private dealer, you have to worry about whether the car is a stolen property or if it is in working condition. You can do without this sort of stress when dealing with a reputable auto dealership.

The latest avatar of an age old adage is ‘old is sold’, and the rule applies to almost all our material possessions that are deemed aged, redundant and replaceable. A used car loan helps you procure an otherwise costly item that in mint condition would cost you a lot higher than its current ‘pre-owned’ state. Thus, allowing people with lower budgets to elevate themselves to the status of car owners. Aside from being a very comfortable option to purchase a ‘new’ car, a used car loan offers a dimension of simplicity, transparency and hassle free experience that is at par, and at times significantly higher than the corresponding car loan procedure for a new automobile. Want to own a car but are not willing to spend too much into the experience? What you seek is a well-maintained, reliable and springy used car that has aged gracefully, and consequently a second hand car loan to purchase it.

Requirement Documents:


Aadher Card

Driving Licence

Name of the loan product Commercial Vehicle Loan
Term of loan Upto 3 years
Maximum loan size 75% of Asset Cost
Minimum loan size As per requirement of borrower
Security, if any Hypothecation endorsement in Registration Certificate of assets
Repayment policy Equated Monthly Instalment
Loan processing fees 3% of Loan amount
Any other fees Nil
Cheque Bounce Charge 300
Collection Charge If Cheque Bounce And EMI Collect By Executive 300/- Per Visit

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